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November 5, 2012

LightSail Energy Raises $37.3 Million From Peter Thiel, Khosla Ventures, Bill Gates, Innovacorp and Other Top Investors

LightSail Energy, a developer of breakthrough energy storage technology, announced today that it has raised $37.3 million in Series D funding led by San Francisco investor Peter Thiel. Khosla Ventures, which incubated the …

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Energy Harvesting Journal October 9, 2012

Regenerative Air Energy Storage

Danielle Fong, Chief Scientist at LightSail Energy, has created a novel way to use tanks of compressed air for energy storage. Compressed air storage is not new but the problem with current methods …

Danielle Fong

MIT Technology Review August 21, 2012

Making Clean Energy Pay Off by Storing it as Squeezed Air

A stumbling block to increasing our reliance on electricity from cleaner energy sources such as solar panels and wind farms has always been figuring out how to efficiently store the energy for use …

Danielle Fong for Wired

Wired July 2, 2012

Steam Punk: Danielle Fong

Danielle Fong was 12 years old when her mother decided she should go to college. Danielle’s teachers didn’t agree. Though an aptitude test put her above 99 percent of students who had already …

Danielle Fong

LI4E June 26, 2012

Danielle Fong: Proving it's Not Impossible

In the continuing saga of successful drop outs, physicist Danielle Fong is in a class by herself.  Fong is the chief scientist behind LightSail Energy, a Berkeley-based team that’s developing compressed-air technology (with …