LightSail Energy

US Representative Jerry McNerney visits LightSail Energy to discuss innovation in energy technology

August 20, 2014

Jerry McNerney, California’s 9th District US Representative, visited LightSail Energy on July 18th to see the groundbreaking work LightSail is pioneering in compressed air energy storage. McNerney, an engineer with a Ph.D. in Mathematics, is no stranger to tackling difficult technical challenges and applauded LightSail’s efforts in advancing grid-scale energy storage. LightSail’s CEO, Steve Crane, and Chief Scientist, Danielle Fong, gave Representative McNerney a tour of the LightSail headquarters in Berkeley, showcasing the state-of-the-art facilities and meeting some of the world-class team of engineers and scientists developing the system.

LightSail Energy is striving to create the cleanest, most durable, and lowest-cost energy storage system in the world. The resulting product will have profound implications for renewable energy as well as grid stability and efficiency. LightSail Energy is also dedicated to promoting the clean-tech industry here in the Bay Area and supporting California as a leader in energy and technology innovation.